East Grinstead Dojo - Established 1987

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we train individuals in our martial art which is based on traditional Japanese karate and aikido. 

We have blended these martial arts into a syllabus based grading system focused on individual development.

At the core of our style is Kumi-Tai which brings together all the elements from our training.

through your training you can improve focus, control, relaxation, confidence and stress reduction. 

As a practitioner of martial arts you will benefit from the respect between participants. 

Your body will have improved balance, core stability, bone density, energy, muscle toning, joint mobilisation and assist with combating type 2 diabetes.

each attendee can train for their first session for free and then, if you choose to continue, you can sign up for a taster course without obligation to continue at the end of the course.

We offer combined parent and children training because fun for the family is important in our busy lives.

Beginners of all level, age and ability are welcome to join us.


Always consult a doctor if you have an existing health condition that could be affected by the activities shown on this web site. Medical conditions must be disclosed to our instructors before commencement of training.

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