Always consult a doctor if you have an existing health condition that could be affected by the activities shown on this web site. Medical conditions must be disclosed to our instructors before commencement of training.

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East Grinstead Dojo - Established 1987

Phone:   01342 313990

01323 873131

Martial Arts Training Schools

It is difficult to harmonise with an opponent, especially one who is determined to hurt you.  Our training is directed more towards control and subduing of others through their compliance by using the attackers force to apply strikes, immobilisations or throws.

Our aim is to develop individuals who have self-control, confidence and discipline through non-violent dedicated study.  The emphasis is on relaxed, flowing movements.

We offer combined parent and children training sessions.  We recognise that fitness and fun for the family is important in our busy lives.  These sessions will enable busy parents to utilise their valuable time effectively.

The organisation runs two seminars a year which bring together associated clubs to train.

Beginners are always welcome, the practice will be challenging but fun also.  Age or ability is no barrier.

A Online Dojo exists for those who wish to learn remotely.  This can be accessed through the Headquarters website.

Open your mind and train your body.  Contact us for details.

Dojo Events in July:

Visits:- Sensei Waters - none, Sensei Starks - 2nd, 4th, 9th, 23rd.  

Leisure Centre - 18th